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California Pearls ✨

Our first LOVE ✨
We started out with these handmade jewels a decade ago and kept them close to our hearts as we knew they deserved their own special time. These bracelets are lovingly made by our founder and her favorite gals, as they get together in the CanyonLeaf studio and reminisce about the good old days..... each bead is hand selected to compliment the others and these unique ONE OF A KIND pieces are a true reflection of peace + love + happiness 
Each bracelet is designed to be different and true to the freedoms and beauty we see in ourselves and in others. You will find genuine gifts from Mother Earth carefully selected for each statement piece. We share these with you today, trusting you will adore them as much as we do! If you have one, you will know in your heart that you are truly someone special. Naturally....

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