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Elevated Essentials - Healing Sunlight

Elevated Essentials - Healing Sunlight

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Healing Sunlight or Fossilized Sunlight is our favorite way to say: Baltic Sea Amber

Baltic Amber is essentially a fossilized resin which came from the sap of several varieties of pine trees. It is believed, that about 60 million years ago, these pines grew in the subtropical forest in the present location of the Baltic Sea. For unknown reasons these pines produced excessive amounts of sap. The overproduction may have been nature's method of healing natural injuries caused by storms, lightning, pests and diseases, or perhaps it was caused by a sudden change of climate. Sap dropped to the forest ground, was embedded into the local sediments, compressed by the overlying deposits, and in time became fossilized.

The original location of the deposits of Baltic Amber are not known. It is believed that these deposits were removed, transported and redeposited by later movements of the sea, possibly including major waves and currents, and by ancient rivers. Preserved for millions of years, it will forever be one of Mother Nature's greatest gifts!

These statement earrings are handcrafted in Sterling Silver and wrapped in 14k Gold Vermeil for a warm and lasting effect.  We encourage you to care for these pieces as you would any other special treasure, gently removing them anytime you feel the need to and keeping them protected from the elements.



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