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Silver Leaf Jasper + Gold || Adult Bracelet

Silver Leaf Jasper + Gold || Adult Bracelet

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With its balance of colors, Silver Leaf Jasper is a stone that promotes balance. It provides strength of purpose, promotes stability and like all jasper, is a beautiful grounding stone. During meditation, it is believed to awaken its holders to a sense of joy. The most common interpretations of this beautiful stone and its energies relates to its remarkable ability to bring a sense of peace, patience and understanding to all with whom it connects.

This is a wonderful influence, jasper has classically been treasured for its abilities in keeping the peace as much as its appearance and element of prestige.  

Like all grey and green stones, silver leaf jasper also encourages willpower. It's worn by independent, highly disciplined people-or by people who aren't highly disciplined but would like to be! Reiki practitioners have been known to use silver leaf jasper as a wholistic or whole-body wellness stone.

This special statement bracelet is truly something unique. You will find a single 14k Gold Filled bead has been added for a little touch of that glamourus lifestyle!  

Naturally, we love it around here..... 

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