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Pet Necklace: Raw Baltic Amber + Natural Green Jade

Pet Necklace: Raw Baltic Amber + Natural Green Jade

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Introducing our all-new pet necklaces! Offering your furry friend the same healing benefits you know and love. Handmade with all-natural Raw Baltic Amber and Gemstones.

Raw Baltic Sea Amber is most commonly known to alleviate aches and pains like headaches, arthritis, joint pain and so many more - without any side effects!

Our genuine Baltic Amber dog necklaces are made of raw form shaped beads that are knotted between each bead. The clasps a classic twist closure, which allows the necklace to be worn alongside their collar, or on its own. This collar necklace may be used as a natural subsidiary to prevent mean for ticks and fleas. The Amber pieces rub on your pets fur during wear and emits a specific amber scent which repels fleas and ticks and are absorbed into the skin, for adding healing benefit.

 Length indicates the total measurement, from one to another.  For best results long-term wear is always recommended



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