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Pure Gemstone + Red Jasper || Anklet or Bracelet

Red Jasper promotes grounding, encourages justice, and stimulates intuitive insights. It is associated with the root chakra, and it’s called the blood of Mother Earth.
Red Jasper can be a variant of microgranular quartz, chalcedony, other material phases, or even a blend of all three. It’s a variety of quartz that comes with grainy crystals.
Red Jasper is a stone that’s interconnected to the base chakras - the reason why it possesses strong metaphysical properties and metabolic energies.  Notorious for its fantastic work in boosting emotional focus and balance, the Red Jasper is said to rid people, places, and items of negative vibrations from worry and emotional stress.
If you’re looking for a boost in emotional balance, inner strength, self-trust, mental clarity, self-confidence, emotional protection, balance, calm, and relaxation, the Red 
Emotionally, the Red Jasper is one of, if not the best, go-to stone because of its emotional healing properties.  Basically, we could all use a hug from one of these beautiful stones 

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