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Vintage Collection of Red Coral + Gold || Adult Bracelet ||

Our favorite local bead shop here in the tall trees of California has been around since the 70s and in working with this family for the past seven years, they sometimes share their vintage treasures with us!  Most recently, was a beautiful bag of Red Sea coral that was harvested over fifty years ago!  We gathered it all and created a LIMITED EDITION Collection of bracelets, paired with our 14k Gold beads.  These unique bracelets will not be around for long, so if red is your color and the sea is your place, we hope you find these vintage treasures to be the perfect piece to add to your stack!  
This bracelet is handmade in California with 5mm Red Coral Beads and a single 14K Gold bead, to add a touch of glam to your natural lifestyle! Red Coral is the lifeblood gem, maximizing vitality, wellness, and mental focus. It represents success and prosperity and also signifies circulation, both within the body and without. Red Coral's meaning is the correct use of power, untapped energy, and driving ambition that creates leadership, courage, and confidence.

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