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Shungite : Gold Sun + Moon || Adult Bracelets

Shungite : Gold Sun + Moon || Adult Bracelets

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These special pieces were created on a Half Moon Rising, a sacred day dedicated to the beauty of the half moon, in her humble glory. Half illuminated by the Sun, we see just half of what the Moon truly is, a complete Full Moon. Reminding us, that even when we see just half, that the other half is still there. We are always full. Just like he sun and the moon. This feeling resonates deep within us, when we feel present under the gently lit star-filled sky.

Worn alone or together with its matching Soul Mate, you'll find our classic 14K Gold Filled Bracelets are handmade in California by our small team of women, who carefully hand-make each piece, with Genuine Shungite and gold beads. You will see the half moon reflecting on you and we hope you feel the calming light that surrounds you. We hope you also see the sun shining between each of the beads Full. Pure. Half Moon. Half Sun.
We created this powerful piece with the greatest of intentions as you have been asking us for years to bring this unique stone to our collection. While not a crystal, it is one of the strongest mineral healers and has been around for 2 billion years (yes, you read that right) and this powerful carbon rock was created with some of earth’s earliest deposits. How cool is that?  

Its healing properties span from purity to protection; the antioxidants in Shungite are forceful impactors on health and fully functioning flow. Shungite’s healing properties are powerful for the spirit as well and can be used to combat insomnia, boost energy, reduce stress and relieve your mind....  

This one is for YOU ✨

 Raw Shungite handmade in California with 14k Gold Filled Beads

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