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Vintage Bottle Green Sea Glass || Adult Bracelet

Vintage Bottle Green Sea Glass || Adult Bracelet

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5mm Accent Bead

Wearing a piece of sea glass brings radiance to every day. Your ultra-rare Bit of the Beach is your daily tie with the peace, serenity and power of the surf and sky. A one-of-a-kind, your real sea glass reflects your unique personality.

We have scooped up the best natural sea glass we have ever seen and turned them into these unique pieces, to be adorned in your stack or worn alone.  These statement bracelet are handmade on a stretch cord so that they can be worn daily, with ease and lived in, naturally....

Please select from Sterling Silver or Gold Filled Bead accents when going through the flow so you can pick whatever suits your fancy.  We just know you are going to love these!  Picture them on your favorite person, which really should be YOU 

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