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Woven Sun Hat

Woven Sun Hat

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A true Island Sun Hat (Farmers Market Style) these beauties are thoughtfully handmade by talented Artisans and are intricately designed to last forever. They travel well and can be reshaped time and time again with cold water + sunlight ✨

Ideal for the beach, lake, pool or out on the boat or paddle board, these hats can easily transition with you through the seasons as they become your favorite sun hat, for any occasion.

Woven from 100% South African raffia, the hat features a colorful striped pattern and a braided leather cord so that you can adjust to the length of your liking.

  • 100% Raffia Palm + Genuine Leather cord
  • Adjustable strap(s)
  • Hand-crafted item, pattern of color will vary slightly
  • Genuine leather may naturally show subtle marks, scratches or wrinkles
  • Please allow for slight variation in color due to natural pigments 
  • Each Colored Trim hat features a colorful band and other woven designs in assorted colors. Because this is a handcrafted item, each will vary.

  • Each Simple Sun Hat is purely natural (no colors) and features a braided leather strap(s) 
  • Please allow for slight variation in strap color due to natural pigments 
  • Approximate Dimensions: brim: 16-18" W; head: 8-9" W x 5-6" deep
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